Tuesday, March 8, 2016

February Update: Where have I been?

Hello, there! Wow, it feels a little strange getting back on this blog. Nevertheless, I'm quite excited to /attempt/ writing again.

There are a few things I'd like to clarify on this post.

The past February has been such a whirlwind roller coaster. In the beginning of the month, the fam bam and I took a road trip to Johor for Chinese New Year, then spent a day at Universal Studios in Singapore. It was crazy fun and the trip was chill, aside the typical bickering between my mum and I, but we got through. We always do. We spent just four days there but it wasn't enough. No adventure is enough for me. Anyway, I was busy the whole Chinese New Year break. Right after getting back from the trip, Alya's sister and Cynta's brother had their wedding. Not together, obviously. That'll be one hell of a family reunion. Alya's sister's wedding was fantastic. I love seeing diverse culture coming together. We even had an after-party, but that's a story between those who were there and I. Cynta's brother's wedding was chill, which was like a debrief for the previous night. However, the lamb was so good. You know me, anything involving a poor little young sheep is something I simply cannot pass. The week was busy for me that I haven't got time to do anything and that includes assignments (per-usual. I'm a procrascinator) and uploading my videos.

Which brings me to my YouTube channel. If you don't know already, I do have a YouTube channel which you can find if you click here. Here's the thing. I have a list of video ideas and a schedule for when to upload them. Right after the trip, I was struggling to edit. Let me tell you something, editing vlogs, especially montage vlogs are completely difficult. I want to make it look good, but footages are crap and the hardest part is finding a bomb ass song to fit into the blog because there are so many good songs to choose from. I was thinking of filming an update video, but you are already reading this, plus the charger for my battery is missing - which I think I might have left it back in Johor, oops - so, the only hope I have is my iPhone. I really don't want to use it because a) quality isn't what I hope for my channel and b) my storage is really tight. However, I am editing the vlog and I am trying my best to get it uploaded on Saturday. There has just been too much happening lately. I do feel guilty about not uploading, but a friend told me that I should upload whenever I feel like uploading and since it's my channel, I should do what I want to, and I will. So, I apologize for the inconsistency.

Other things that has happened involved college, but let's not talk about that since that is basically the reason behind my "disappearance" from social media.

I hope you guys have a lovely night ahead, wherever you are and I hope you guys enjoy the little Spotify Playlist I made for my blog. You can find my other updates on my twitter, and you can also find other of my writing stuff on my tumblr, but I warn you, there's a lot of emo stuff. Thanks for reading xx