Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stress Awareness Month: How I "Deal" With Stress.

I've drafted a few posts that I thought of posting, but I was thinking nah since they're too emotional. I want to end this month on a good note. A lot of shit happened and I want to talk about it here but I think I've drained myself from talking about it to other people.

My finals are around the corner. Literally. It's on the 25th. Which explains why I've been lacking on blogging. I guess I don't know how to be consistent. I need a specific routine for these things because my life is in shambles.

But, here's how this post is gonna go... Did you guys know it's Stress Awareness Month? Crazy how that falls on the last month of my first year. So, I'll be talking about how I deal with my stress. This was an idea I wanted to do as a video, but I don't have the confidence (or energy at this point) to sit in front of a camera and talk. And I am also a lazy piece of shit. Update on camera: It still doesn't have a charger.

Here's the truth. I don't know how to actually deal with my stress.

I've noticed that at every end of the semester, it's the time to let everything out. Depression comes by and say hello. Anxiety knocks on the door when I give presentations. So, here are a few ways and tips on how I deal with stress.

  1. Think about all the bad stuff, then cry at night. Scream while crying. Or just stress laugh. Trust me, stress laugh will get the weight off your shoulders, but only for a little while. Then, sleep.
  2. Drop everything. Keep yourself away from priorities. Seriously, if I have too much to do, and I overthink about the stuff that I should do, I just go "Fuck it."
  3. Re-evaluate what you're actually doing with your life. Rethink. Re-do, if possible.
  4. Procrastinate, obviously. I've been watching Baby Daddy this past week and I'm at the end of season three. Can't wait for Riley-Danny drama.
  5. Avoid everybody and ignore all the friends I have. I've recently deleted my Twitter app because too many fake bitches going around. What is this, high school?
  6. Pray and ask Him "Why?!"
  7. Make lists for stuff to do or watch during the two week semester break. I need to cram a lot of things to do before the new semester because Afreena will be home (yay!!!) and my next month will be my birthday month.
  8. Find out your friend who claims to tell you that she doesn't even study for quizzes and tests just so you feel comfortable you didn't too, but she gets the highest fucking score.
  9. Eat. A lot.
You may find some of the things in common from the list above, but there are reasons that these ways makes me better and stronger once I've come to my senses. I try to end things positively. And here's how they've helped.

  1. Letting everything out is the best way to deal with stress. I will actually feel better. I may start feeling shitty at first, but after that, I'll say to myself "Fuck these people, I'm going to do my own thing." And this works especially if I'm dealing with tardiness in a group work.
  2. Drop everything because I need time to step away from a very negative zone. Stress brings a lot of bad vibes, and once I leave stuff, I try and not let it follow me and not overthink. I'll listen to music or go for a run or generally just be outdoors.
  3. This is where I start to really think of what I'm going to do with my life. I keep thinking about my future and goals and the fact that I won't stop for anything to achieve them.
  4. We all do this. We all procrastinate. It's a given, we're all lazy pieces of shits. At the end of the day, I don't want to think about all the things I have to deal with. So, I take time for myself to watch a comedy. Seeing other people's lives getting wrecked will make me feel better. I also watch bad auditions from reality singing shows or My Strange Addiction to make myself a hundred times better. Also, I tend to do my work at the last minute. This kinda gives me the energy to think quicker and get stuff done faster. And there are perks to my procrastination like cleaning my entire room. 
  5. Twitter has been the least of my worries lately. I deleted the app ever since I know what it's like to be victimized as an "indirect tweet". And twitter has a lot of bad vibes as well. Everyday, there would be an idiot who would retweet stupid, irrelevant shit. I've muted and blocked way too many people to even care. Plus, deleting the app made me have more time for more important things in my life.
  6. Praying is obviously very important. Komi taught me that without faith & belief, there would be no success. I'm still trying to complete all five in a day. When praying, I try my hardest to not think about what to do after because then, I wouldn't be kusyuk. And whenever after I pray, I would take the time to sit on the praying mat and just think.
  7. Making lists are fun! I've written down what shows to binge-watch, what stuff to do for my birthday, places to go with Afreena, books to read. And I write these all on my 2016 diary since it'll be easier for me to refer back on what to do. Making lists will make me feel excited for the things yet to come.
  8. This step is specific for a reason. Once I find out that there is someone actually better than me at what I love studying, I get competitive. Which is a good thing, personally. I have to beat her because she claims to say one thing then achieves another. It's not fair because I feel betrayed for a reason. And because of that "betrayal", I want to be the best at everything.
  9. Just eat a lot. Chocolates, sushi, burgers, tom yam, kuey teow. Any of these makes me happy.

There you go. Now you know my secret.

I never know how to end a blog post, so I'll end it with a random fact about me.

I never had a nose bleed. I was thinking about this when I was watching She's The Man and I've been wondering what if ever since.

Stay tuned for my next post, which will probably be next month, insyaAllah.