Wednesday, December 20, 2017


December 20th, 4:07 A.M. It has happened again.

Come end of the year, this pit of darkness tend to appear. The same, every year. Only this time, it's a little more.

People. Busy. Away. Desert.
Myself. Spiritless. Hopeless. Jaded.

Loneliness have gotten the best of yours truly. She detests being at home, especially when she knows this house is haunted by the bloodline. For more than twenty-four hours, the lost soul has been trapped. And when you're this lonely, the only conversations you can have are with your demons.

Sometimes, hope does spark up. But, not often.

Parties come around; depression, sex, anxiety, eating disorder, cigarettes, empty associations, devil's strings and devil's drinks. Parties come around. Old friends, the ones who would never leave.

And of course, there's no God. But, let's show some gratitude, especially to old friends-

The ones who would never leave. Thank you for this comfort.