Saturday, January 6, 2018

good and bad.

Her days were crept with emptiness and loneliness. Ideas were put into her head. She's always wondered. And she brings her thoughts to life. The good ones, though. The ones that fills her head with "What does being held by a person feels like?" or "How does it feel to just be natural and laugh along with somebody?"

The good thoughts are the ones that she brought to life. What about the bad thoughts? It is now kept deep in the far back. It's been surfing around at the front for long enough. She's succeeded in doing things that would never solely because of the bad thoughts within the first week. She's happy. She's proud.

But, how can one be so sure that she's separated the good and the bad of her thoughts? What if the good and the bad are one? Doesn't her thoughts indicate emptiness? Loneliness? Is that bad? Is that good? How can one be so sure?